Over the years, I have told many stories around a campfire in Algonquin Park during our family camping trips. My kids each have their favourite stories that I have to tell over and over again. Friends who were also with us had their favourite stories they wanted me to tell.

The problem was that I never did write down the stories in the thirty years of telling. My family finally convinced me to write down the stories.                  

This is a collection of the some of the stories I told and one my daughter told.

The time seemed right to share the stories with everyone. Since the stories put smiles on many of my friends’ faces, I thought it would be good for others.

Each story is the perfect length for a bedtime story.

Read to your young children. My children are in their thirties, and still upon occasion I have to read for them.

Now sit back, get comfortable, and let me get my frumpy reading sweater, and we will begin.

Once upon a time ..

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