About Me

Kevin was raised on nursery rhymes and old children stories told to him by his father, mother, and grandmother. Stories and legends always danced in the back of his mind.  Kevin is an avid reader.  Anything that catches his interest he will read.  Kevin has always been a reader.  As a result of such a background Kevin has an imagination that no longer dances in the back of his mind, but spills out in stories, and word pictures.

Kevin got married.  They have children.  Kevin wanted to give his children the best experience in reading.  Unfortunately, Kevin did not find many books for little children.  Kevin has this imagination and a skill for telling stories that when brought together made for wonderful children’s stories.

One Stone Castle is a story was written and given as a graduation gift to his daughter.  She let him put it in the book, since he wrote it.  The other stories just happened.  When in the presence of a child, or adult, or anyone who wants a story Kevin seems to have them readily available.

Over the years Kevin would tell stories but never had written any of them down, except One Stone Castle.  He was finally convinced by his family to write the stories down for others to enjoy.  Now there is a book of wonderful bed-time stories for everyone to enjoy.


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