"Never play with your food unless you can win"


This may seem like a silly quote, but it works for children.  Have you ever watched a 3 year old eat spaghetti and meat balls?  It is really quite a contest of who will win. I have enjoyed the image so much that I keep that as one of my favourite quotes.

Currently I have over 500 comic books, 1,600 graphic novels, and more paper back novels than I can shake a stick at.  I like stories in all medias.  My favourite stories are those I hear from other people.  It could be as simple a story as “I saw this beautiful bush with a cardinal, today” to an elaborate tale of adventure.  Stories are something that children should hear, and read.  Children are learning about life and everything is new.  Let’s not take the shine off life.  Let’s make life fanciful and a delight … as seen from a child’s eye.

“You cannot have my knees for Steak and Kid Knees pie!”, wailed my son.  It really took a few years to realize he was serious and not making a joke.  See the world from their eyes.

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